Samsung ROM's - Frequently Asked Questions (General)

1. What's Jet Black UI?

A: Samsung OneUI UI Color Is Set To JetBlack #000000.

Install Modded Apps In Aroma To Have Jet Black UI in Samsung Apps, SystemUI & SecSettings.

2. What's The Difference Between Stock And Modded Apks/Jars in ROM Aroma?

A: Stock - Means Its Fully Stock UnEdited Apks/Jars.

Modded - Means Its Edited Apks/Jars. It Has Basic Mods/Tweaks Inside It.

Basic Mods like Extra UI Toggles, High Volume Warning Remover, ROM LoGo in Settings.

Read Changelog.

3. What is SecSettings Mod Zip?

A: If You Choose Mod Apps In ROM Aroma Then Flash The SecSettings Zip For JetBlackUI & Basic Settings Tweaks.

4. Corporate Apps Like Outlook & Intune don't Work? Any Fix?

A: Choose Knox MDM Apps In Aroma

Now Hide The Following In Magisk Hide - Intune, Outlook & Dailer/Phone Apps

5. UPSM - Ultra Power Saving Mode don't work? Any Fix?

A: UPSM Needs Samsung Keyboard.

Choose Samsung Keyboard in Aroma.

6. My Second Sim don't work, shows emergency calls only? Any Fix?

A: Choose Carrier Services Apps (STK, STK2) in Aroma.

7.  Swipe Navigations don't work? Any Fix?

A: Choose Samsung Launcher.

8. Any Previews for Custom Boot Animations?

A: Search For #BootAnimations in Telegram News Channel

9.  Spotify Has Issue With Downloaded Data, It Disappears Frequently. Any Fix??

A: Locate To Settings >Device Care >Storage >Disable S_Clean Feature.

10. How To Turn Off Hardware Touch Button Key Light In S7/S7E Pie Port?

A: Install "Button Light and Touch" App

10. How To Remove Logo In S7/S7E Pie Port Power Menu?

A: Change All The "grace" Strings To "dream" in /system/build.prop & vendor/build.prop